#1 – Explore Tbilisi Old Town

Take a stroll through the narrow streets of Tbilisi’s Old Town, visit historical landmarks like the Narikala Fortress and Sioni Cathedral, and discover the city’s vibrant atmosphere.

#2 – Hiking in the Caucasus Mountains

Georgia is a hiker’s paradise, offering stunning trails in the Caucasus Mountains. Explore regions like Svaneti, Kazbegi, and Tusheti, and enjoy breathtaking landscapes, alpine meadows, and charming mountain villages.

#3 – Wine Tasting in Kakheti

Visit the Kakheti region, Georgia’s famous wine-producing area. Explore vineyards, tour wineries, and indulge in wine tastings to discover the unique flavors of Georgian wines.

#4 – Bathe in Natural Hot Springs

Relax and rejuvenate in the natural hot springs scattered throughout Georgia. Popular destinations include the sulfur baths in Tbilisi and the famous hot springs in Borjomi.

#5 – Visit Cave Monasteries

Explore the ancient cave monasteries of Georgia, such as Vardzia, David Gareja, and Uplistsikhe. Marvel at the rock-cut structures, frescoes, and religious significance of these unique sites.

#6 – Rafting and Canyoning

Embark on thrilling adventures in Georgia’s rivers and canyons. Try rafting on the Aragvi or Rioni River, or go canyoning in Okatse or Martvili Canyons, enjoying the natural beauty from a unique perspective.

#7 – Skiing in Georgia’s Ski Resorts

Hit the slopes in Georgia’s ski resorts during the winter season. Popular ski destinations include Gudauri, Bakuriani, and Mestia, offering a range of slopes suitable for all skill levels.

#8 – Attend Georgian Traditional Festivals

Immerse yourself in Georgian culture by attending traditional festivals, such as the Tbilisi Open Air Music Festival, Tbilisoba (Tbilisi City Day), Attend Sukhisvhili and other National Ensembles concerts or the Khechiperi Folklore Festival. Experience traditional music, dance, food, and celebrations.

#9 – Batumi Boulevard

Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Batumi’s waterfront promenade. Take a leisurely stroll along Batumi Boulevard, visit the famous Alphabet Tower, explore the Batumi Botanical Garden, and indulge in the Black Sea city’s lively nightlife.

#10 – Visit the Prometheus Cave and Martvili Canyon

Explore the natural wonders of Georgia by visiting the Prometheus Cave, known for its impressive stalactites and stalagmites, and the picturesque Martvili Canyon, offering turquoise waters and stunning rock formations.

This list is just an appetizer for your adventures, that BabiTrip will plan for next visit you take to Georgia.